Bat Guano – Kalong Grow


Bat Guano – Kalong Grow


Kalong grow Organic growth fertiliser NK 6 – 3


Liquid can be used in soil and coco.
Immediate release for controlled cultivation.
Organic contents ensure controlled long release of nutrients.
Stimulates present micro life in substrate.
Non-aggressive for roots due to low salt index.
Only contains products annex 2 (EEG) nr. 2092/91 organic productions.



Shake well before use.
Mix 50g Guanokalong powder per plant in 7 liters of soil or use Guanokalong all mix soil + guano.
18 hours 1-2 ml/L. 12 hours  1-2 ml/L. first 2 weeks.
Avoid drainage problems by cleaning system with clear water.
Exact dose subject to available nutrients in medium.
Store between 5 and 25 degrees Celcius.

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5 Litres, 1ltr


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