Gavita Pro 300 LEP AC


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Gavita Pro 300 LEP AC Available from Southside Organics Glasgow Scotland uk

Gavita Pro 300 LEP AC


Recommended use

  1. Only use the full spectrum LEP (41.02 GROW) for high quality sunlight simulation, for example for preserving genetics.
  2. For all other uses we recommend a combination of supplemental LEP (41.01 SUP) and HPS, according to the following table:


Phase LEP type Recommended PPFD LEP to HPS ratio 
Genetics preservation LEP 270e GROW 200-400 μmol s-1m-2 n/a
Mother plants LEP 270e SUP 300-500 μmol s-1m-2 1 LEP:100-150W HPS
Vegetative LEP 270e SUP  450-700 μmol s-1m-2 1 LEP:600W HPS
Generative LEP 270e SUP 700-1000 μmol s-1m-2 1 LEP:1000W HPS

*) specs are minimal recommended values. In general more LEP has a positive effect on the quality. For mothers though we recommend a minimum of 100W HPS per LEP fixture.

Out of stock

Gavita Pro 300 LEP AC

When it comes to lighting plants you need both quantity and quality. To further optimize the quality of your crop we introduced supplemental plasma light. lt adds everything to HPS light your plant needs to bring it to the next level, including UVB and UVA. There is no light source like it. The Pro 300 AC is specifically designed for controlled environments where no added heat load to the environment is a climate control prerequisite. more/less

For plants that grow in a climate room under HPS light, the quality of the light leaves much to be desired. Plants have evolved under sunlight for millions of years and a balanced full spectrum light, including UVA and UVB, is the best they can get. Enter plasma technology.

Our Light Emitting Plasma (LEP) fixture is available as a full spectrum source, almost exactly like the sun, or as a supplemental spectrum to fill in the spectrum that HPS lacks. Both include UVA and UVB by using a UV transmitting glass filter. With a lifetime of 30,000 (full spectrum) to 50,000 hours (supplemental spectrum) the Gavita Pro 300 LEP AC ensures great return of investment. In fact on high value crops you earn it back within two crop cycles. HPS is still a great light source as it is very efficient, but you need quantity and quality. HPS is for quantity, plasma is for quality.

Compliance and safety

The reflector is equipped with the fine wire mesh filter preventing EMI so it fully complies with FCC, UL and CE standards. All our products are manufactured according to the highest horticultural standards.


The Pro 300 LEP AC is not suitable for the Gavita Master controller.



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