Kleaner Cosmetic Cleaner


Kleaner Cosmetic Cleaner


WARNING: Kleaner should not be used before a Drug test (sweat or saliva) since this will Falsify the test results

The Classic mouthwash was developed as a liquid format but works exactly like the spray. It is also in a discreet package, which makes it easy to have handy during work hours. Just like the spray, it works to wash out any unwanted residue leftover inside your mouth, but the liquid can also be applied topically in case you suspect a sweat test. Both the bottle of mouthwash and the oral spray format contain only four ingredients: water, alcohol-denat, melia azadirachta extract, and xanthan gum.

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In the U.S., where marijuana is still a federally regulated substance, on-site drug testing is standard procedure for new employees. Some job-sites continue to perform routine drug testing for their employees even after the initial hire. The concept of drug testing, according to the National Institute for Drug Abuse (NIDA) is now even spreading into schools.

But as any weed smoker knows, there are serious differences between testing for cannabis and testing for meth, cocaine, and psychostimulants. Smoking weed is in no way equivalent to smoking meth, although federal legislature thinks otherwise.

Cannabis is a known medicinal therapy and is so safe to use there are no-known associated overdoses with the plant. Additionally, you could test positive even if you smoked last night or last week, but you won’t be high anymore. The entire drug testing program is flawed.

No matter what the general population thinks about smoking weed, employers and now schools, think much differently. In certain industries, and regions, weed drug testing continues to be an issue. Which is why you need to find a reliable way to pass that surprise drug test.

No matter what kind of drug test is in your future, there are products out there designed to cleanse your system and fool the testers. An oral swab, blood test, urine analysis, or a sweat test, can often be beaten with a little careful planning and a specially designed cleansing kit.

Sourcing Reputable Detox Kicks


Go into any industrial town in America (and really around the world), and you are likely to find local stores selling questionable detox kits. Do you know what’s in those products? Cleansing kits fly under the radar of conventional production regulations and are known to have strange ingredients. Powerful herbs and harsh chemicals are common in these products, but are they healthy?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. But you always want to consider what these substances are doing to your digestive tract. Especially if you need to chug a detox every few months for on-the-job testing, you want to find a brand that not only works but cares about the long-term health of your gut.

With this in mind, here are suggestions for detox products, targeting any standard drug test. Kleaner, produced in Germany, not only posts their ingredient listing proudly, they follow cosmetic regulations outlined by the European Union. They have been both approved by and passed a safety assessment by LMC-service, and follow EU regulation 1223/2009. You’ll be hard-pressed to find any other detox kit that loudly states their safety profile and regulatory experience.

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