Mills Nutrients


Mills Nutrients


Mills Research and Development Programme began by analysing most of the top available brands of Basic Hydroponic Nutrients and Advanced Nutrients.

The first thing that was discovered was that most of these had not changed the formula since they first came to the market, some of the hydroponic supplies are still exactly the same as they were 20 years ago, “can you believe that?” With this knowledge our team began to develop what we believe to be the most advanced nutrients available today anywhere in the hydroponic nutrients world and this is a statement we don’t take lightly.


Basis A&B

Not all base nutrients are created equal. Made from top quality ingredients with a focus on bioavailability, Mills Basis A&B has all the macro and micronutrients your plants need, carefully balanced to insure proper nutrition in both vegetative and bloom stages.


With everything in the right proportions it makes it easier for growers of all skill levels. Novice growers can simply use as directed, confident that their plants are receiving a balanced diet; advanced growers can save precious time not having to identify and address specific nutrient deficiencies one at a time. Tested thoroughly in soil, coco, and hydro, Basis A&B is a solid foundation for your plants’ to grow on.


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