Stewart Premium Heated Propagator 52cm


Stewart Premium Heated Propagator 52cm


This electric heated propagator provides the ideal environment for seedlings and cuttings thanks to its sealed heating unit.

Gentle heat from the base warms the compost evenly stimulating germination and rooting. Warm air is trapped under the rigid clear cover to maintain a moist atmosphere and protect developing plants from draughts and drying out.

Long life economical 8 watt heater. 230 volts – 50HZ AC
Raises temperature 15oc-20oc above ambient temperature
Sealed heating unit retains heat within the propagator
Humidity & air temperature controlled via adjustable ventilation panels
Durable base tray
Crystal clear, impact resistant cover for maximum light transmission
Fitted plug included


Dimensions: Length 38cm x Width 24.5cm x Height 19.5cm

Thermostat: Non-Thermostatic Simple On/Off Control

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