The Green Man System


The Green Man System



The system that’s breaking all records.

The Green Man System is a unique and versatile Hydro growing system. Link them up or just use one, either way you’ll find this system a delight to work with and likely to get the best yields you’ve ever seen. And whats more the Green Man system looks great too, you’ll be proud to have it in your grow room.

The Green Man System can be used as a DWC system, a flood and drain system, a self watering coco system and a run to waste system or you can even run it as a bubbler system.



The Green Man System is a unique and versatile combination growing system, it was designed and manufactured by us at Green Air U.K. to grow trees…BIG TREES.

The Green Man System can be a single pot or a multi-pot growing system. Whichever way you choose to use it, is so easy that the plants seem to grow themselves. Overall benefits are a huge reservoir tank with a 40 Litre root growing capacity, means your pot will never become root-bound, the roots will always be able to breathe, even on a 7ft plant. The Green Man System is a combination system, combining deep water culture, aeration dripper and a flood and drain system, maximising each unique characteristic for each method of growing into one complete super-system. Not only is The Green Man System the perfect growing method for your plants, it’s the only system on the market that uses air to move the water through the pumping column whilst simultaneously oxygenating each individual pot, making it easier to use, with less, fuss, less wires and less electricity. The Green Man System can be pared back to function simply as a large capacity flood and drain system. Using the unique Green Man tray insert you can fill up your pots with a 60/40 mix of coco & pebbles, lightmix & pebbles or allmix & pebbles. Whichever way you choose to grow The Green Man System is proven to deliver results, BIG results.

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1 Pot system, 100 Pot system, 12 Pot system, 16 Pot system, 2 Pot system, 24 Pot system, 36 Pot system, 4 Pot system, 48 Pot system, 6 Pot system, 60 Pot system, 8 Pot system, 9 Pot system


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