The Rainforest 36


The Rainforest 36


Six 6 inch Site Aeroponics System
22.125″W x 20.5″H

The Rainforest 36 features a Vortex Sprayer that sprays a mist, creating an ultra-humid, yet super-oxygenated root zone. Bare cuttings or roots are gently soaked in a constant nutrient solution. This Rainforest is perfect for medium and large plants.

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This system includes:

  • 17-Gallon Reservoir with Lid
  • Six 6 inch Lid inserts
  • Vortex Sprayer
  • 6 inch Grow Cups
  • 3-Part Flora Kit

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12-site-X-Stream and 2x30cm T5-Light, 120-site-X-Stream and 2x120cm T5-Light, 121-site-X-Stream and 2x120cm T5-Light, 20-site-X-Stream and 2x30cm T5-Light, 40-site-X-Stream and 2x45cm T5-Light


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